Business Cards
I was in charge of coming up with nice colorful business cards that fit the company.
I made several different designs and revisions which led to this card they chose!
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I was tasked in designing a clean flyer to match the theme thusfar.
I used elements from the bcard and colors to keep the flyer clean and fun.
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Placemat Print Design
Crawdads had some big event and was trying to sell there product to customers.
I was told that I needed to have all of the products they offer in some form of design.
So I came up with this placemat idea. It is 11x17 and big enough to have all products on it, and to have while they were having dinner.
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Newspaper Print Design
Last thing I was tasked by this company was to make a newspaper ad that could be used in color or black in white.
As before I tried to stick with the general theme they already had going.
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Print | Illustration

Crawdad's Classics gets its name from the founder, Cordell "Crawdad" Bixler. As a farm boy he enjoyed spending his days catching crawdads in the ditches of the Missouri boot heel and was given the nickname "Crawdad". Little did he know that this nickname would stick throughout his life. Crawdad's love of Cajun cooking and excellence in food flavorings led him to create Crawdad's Classics Gourmet Hot Sauce in 1995 and has since tantalized the palates of many consumers. Tastes great with beef, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, cheese dips and any other foods you would like to spice up a bit.

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